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I am a dedicated Ashtanga and Yin Yoga practitioner and a fascinated believer of the practice of Energy Medicine & UZAZU - Energy language.

Since I met my teachers, my transformation on a deeper level started. I allowed it all to happen. Layer by layer I have been shedding all kinds of hidden and stuck information about my life. Putting the work and effort into it, heading for the inner peace to become alive.

Through my own experiences in life and by overcoming various obstacles on my journey, I learned that transformation only happens, if we choose to do the work, nobody else can do it for us.

Things shift very subtle and suddenly in situation, what used to hassle me before, I realised that it  does not affect me anymore. I realised a calm centred place in me has been awakening and still does.

It is very beautiful to observe how pain, worry, fear, sadness and anger is transformed into the peace within.

 Self Realisation is on.

“Energy is all there is” said Albert Einstein. I believe he was on to something.

I work through different options like one-to-one session, group workshop or online Sky-session. Lets connect to find out, if we are to travel together. I believe that connecting and teaching is more fun in a loving caring environment, where everybody committing to the process.

I teach traditional Ashtanga Yoga and Yin Yoga and with Yin Yoga, I infuse

Energy-work while you are holding the position! I continue to naturally develop my own practice, by visiting my Ashtanga Teacher Peter Sanson in New Zealand, and i am very grateful for my first Spiritual Energy Teacher Ann von Staffeldt I had she prepared me for an interesting journey ahead!   

                       Love & Gratitude towards both of them !     

I practice Ashtanga Yoga according to the instructions of my Teacher in the tradition of 

Sri. K. Patthabi Jois (1915-2009)

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Creating Space for Life

I am a space holder for transformation because what i see is that people need space to transform their obstacle.

To make the transformation my method is using the Yin Yoga to soften and opening. Ashtanga to clear and detox and energy work of various kind to support the self healing.

The result of that is that a person can rise with life and unfold their true potential, whether it is physically, emotionally, relationship wise or career wise

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Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic practice focusing on the breathing technique. The breathing technique increases heat in the system which helps the body to eliminate toxins better.

Through my own experience, I have seen the benefits of Ashtanga being practiced in a soft pace, with focusing on the breath to allow the body opening in a gently way.

It is a powerful cleansing practice and the waves of anger, sadness and fear will rise. Allow it all to happen.

It takes time, effort, practice and patience for the transformation to go from heaviness into lightness. Remember to breath and allow everything else to unfold. Inner peace will blossom with time.

Enjoy your journey.

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Yin Yoga is a more meditative approach, that invites the posture to be held for a longer time. This is to allow the softening to happen and the relaxing energy to take over.

Yin Yoga can go very deep into that cellular memory of our body. Informations that were locked, will naturally rise to the surface to be solved. Here we allow the body to do the work and that it is actually programmed to heal.

The more we allow everything to happen slowly, the faster the waves of sadness, anger, fear and guilt will rise to be transformed into ease.

Embrace those feelings and thank them as you let change into the true power of  who you are. Most of all enjoy your journey, breath and remember that we are all different and unique.

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For Classes, Private, Group, Workshops and Skype Yin Session,

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